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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 27, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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forecast. frances is in for lisa argen. >> we have a beautiful day ahead of us. right now partly cloudy conditions over parts of the north bay. but clear through san jose. it is a cool start. grab a jacket if you are heading out shortly. temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. in clear lake, only 36 degrees. san francisco, 45, oakland, 39. and san jose 41 right now. here's the 12-hour planner for today. it will still be cool during the 7:00 hour, near sun rise at 7:17. then partly cloudy by lunchtime. then look for more sunshine and milder temperatures this afternoon. in the low 60s for many areas. it will be mostly clear after this evening after sun sets at 7:28. we have another chilly start tomorrow morning but no rain in sight. and a big warmup headed our way. i will tell you more coming up, chris? >> frances, thank you. >> exonerated 27 years later.
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a san jose man has clear name this morning after spending 13 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. he was freed with some help from the northern california innocence project. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo explains. >> reporter: these are photos of glen payne leaving the hall of justice on friday. he is surrounded by the attorneys and volunteers of the northern california innocence project. >> this is the first case that in the california state court has been reversed on the basis of microscopic hair comparison. >> reporter: payne was convicted of kidnapping and molesting a 2-year-old neighbor girl in 1991. his conviction in large part due to expert testimony about two strands of hair. >> he made a statistical analysis as to how important that hair was. then that number was used to argue that it's so unlikely that that could happen that he must have been the perpetrator. >> reporter: the innocence project argued it was bad science. a judge dismissed all charges. >> it was really an honor to work on the case and help to try and get his conviction reversed.
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>> it's why i went to law school, to you know correct the wrongs that inevitably happen in the justice system. >> reporter: payne was actually paroled in 2005 but his freedom was hampered by the fact he had to register as a sex offender. >> for him it's just an enormous relief to finally as he says to not have to live with this anymore. >> the innocence project told us glen is spending time with his elderly mother while looking for housing and work. his father died while he was in prison. in san jose, katie marzullo, abc7 news. time now is 6:02. sadly the flu season has taken a turn for the worst. another 23 people have died of the flu in california just this week alone. that brings the total number of deaths in the state up to 97. the department of health reminds you to take action to stop the spread of the flu. wash your hands. cover cause of and sneezes. and stay home when you are sick. remember, it's not too late to
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get vaccinated. you can find a complete list of resources and advice on our website, a u.s. customs and border patrol vehicle parked on the cal catch us led to fears of on i.c.e. raid. the university and mayor sprang into action yesterday but as it turn out customs agents were actually invited to campus to help people register for the global entry program which speeds up airline travel. the false alarm shows how vigilant the community is. >> obviously there is a great deal of concern particularly given the i.c.e. director's announcement that they plan on conducting 1500 arrests in california. >> reporter: someone napped this picture of a u.s. custom and border protection vehicle parked on the you uc berkeley campus and sent it it to a latina activist group. they tweeted, urgent, i.c.e. has been confirmed on the northwest
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side of uc berkeley. the mayor says the fear of a raid is real. >> we do know it's going the happen at some point. it is a sat reality. >> reporter: cal's undocumented student program sent out a note offering its offices to students if they felt threatened. uc berkeley explained the situation with a tweet saying in part, they were invited to speak about the global entry program. floss raid. the global entry event was hosted by the office of the vice chancellor of finance. >> i think it shows just a heightened sense of concern in our commune. >> reporter: the undocumented student program says the global entry program has agreed to notify them ahead of future campus vits. there will be additional global entry interviews in february and april. in berkeley, katie out ais, abc7 news. pleasanton police are searching for a bank robber this. man was cows on camera at chase bank after 10:00 yet morning.
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he gave the teller a note demanding money. the teller handed it over and the man ran away. investigators are looking for a newer model silver toyota camry that may be connected with the robbery. online scammers found a way to rip you off using bitcoin as payment a. woman in southern california is speaking out after being threatened by someone posing as a hit man. she received an e-mail demanding $2800 in bitcoin or shelled be killed. she realized it was a hoax and went public with her story. >> i switched from being upset about it to, i need to get this word out. >> the fbi receives about 800 complaints a day on its website ic investigators believes that represents about 15% of the online scams that are taking place. bitcoin is virtual currency going directly from person to person on the internet.
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there is no bank involvd and you can't stop payment which is a perfect tool for cammers. a san jose man is under arrest accused of sexually assaulting two teenage girls after meeting them on snap chat. officers say napoleon manzano clamed he was 17 years old on snap chat but is actually 21. police say he took a 13 and 14-year-old girl to his house, gave boat of them marijuana and alcohol, and then sewelly assaulted them. anyone with information about the case is asked to call san jose police. an update in the sex abuse scandal that rocked the u.s.a. gymnastics program. the entire u.s.a. gymnastics board of directors has resigned after an ultimatum from the u.s. olympic committee. on wednesday former national team doctor larry nassar was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison for sewelly abusing seven athletes. u.s.a. gymnastics must cooperate with an investigation into why previous reports of abuse were overlooked. abc7 news reporter alyssa
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harrington spoke to gymnasts in san jose where the past two olympic trials were held to hear how the community is moving forward. >> reporter: gymnastics classes are as popular as ever at california sports center in san jose but parents like melanie admit the sex abuse scandal involving dr. larry nassar weighs heavily on their mind. >> it is a great sport. i do worry about it. i constantly keep an eye on her making sure everything is going as planned. >> reporter: david peterson has been in the industry since the 1980s and he has met some of the elite athletes who confronted nassar, including aly raisman. >> i have been appalled and flat out sickened by the activities and behaviors that occurred under this one individual. the fact there may have been people either covering up or hiding or somehow doing this at the top, the areas that we don't work in, is just as appalling. >> reporter: larry nassar was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison but the amount of time it will take for u.s.a. gymnastics to regain trust remains to be
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seen. in a you tube video, former olympian and gold medallist shawn johnson east blasted the organization that oversees the sport she loves. >> i think gymnastics is the best sport in the entire world. but if i had a daughter right now, i wouldn't put her in it. that makes me really sad. >> reporter: peterson hasn't seen a decline in enrollment for his youth programs but is getting more questions from parents, especially about policies and procedures. he says follows the nba rule, never be alone with a minor. >> get to know your coach. ask the questions that are appropriate. and stay visible. don't assume everything is going to be taken care of by people that are in the trusting hands of their activities or their sports. >> reporter: in san jose, alyssa harrington, abc7 news. >> frances is here tracking the accuweather forecast. unfortunately, live doppler 7 is
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not showing much rain on the way. >> it's not going to show much we have clear skies over many parts of the bay area. look at this live picture from your sutro tower. 45 degrees in san francisco. i will let you know how much it's going to warm up. still ahead, passion, purpose, pride. some are mushing 80 but these san francisco dancers aren't getting anything get in their way. why this group now needs your help. also, it's being called a smog vacuum
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here's a live look outside from our emeryville camera. thanks so much for choosing abc7 news to start your day. frances is tracking a warmup for the weekend. officer accuweather seven-day forcast coming. the road has been especially dangerous for chp officers as of late. the most recent accident was yesterday morning in which two officers were injured during a chase in hayward. also in hayward, a officer killed on christmas eve. another officer was opinioned under a car after being hit by a car on january 14th. another officer was hit in san jose. in three of the crashes, officers say driving under the under the influence is believed to be a cause. as melanie wood roe sbroins this prompted chp to step up dui
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enforcement. a husband and father was killed when a suspected drunk donld trump and possibly high driver slammed into his patrol car on 880. his partner was injured. they were on a maximum enforcement patrol looking for drivers under the under the influence. >> it really galvan ayes you and makes you have a sense of mission for what you are doing. >> reporter: three weeks after that debt, a chp officer w chp w investigating a crash in concord when an allegedly drunk officerr
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crashed into his motorcycle breaking both of his legs. last week, an officer was investigating a traffic collision in san jose on southbound 101 when he was struck by another vehicle sending him over the embankment. the driver of that vehicle was also arrested on dui. two chp officers and a civilian suffered injuries following a pursue and crash from north bound i-880 last weekend. the enhanced patrols will continue through at least next weekend. governor jerry brown announced a plan to put 5 million zero emission cars on the road by 2030. brown's $2.5 billion plan would expand subsidies to help people buy those cars and build 250 electric vehicle charging stations and 200 hydrogen fuelling stations throughout the
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state. the plan needs approval. a group of dancers fell victim to a common crime here in the bay area. the grant avenue follies was started in chinatown back this the 1950s. as dion lim explains the group was giving back when it had something very precious taken away. ♪ >> reporter: meet san francisco's grant avenue follies, a most extraordinary dance troupe. these are seniors who dance with passion and a purpose. >> we love to perform for veterans and the seniors. and we started the program as a fund-raiser. >> reporter: friday's show almost didn't go on. >> we had to improvise and scramble around for more jewelry and more costumes. >> reporter: on wednesday, something happened after the fllies presented the on lok senior living facility with a $40,000 donation toward a new dementia care center. >> when we came back to the car we realized that it was broken into and we had lost a lot of
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our costumes. >> reporter: six sets of 12 costumes, totaling $20,000, gone. >> my costumes are hand made, priceless. >> reporter: this is where it happened in the middle of the day at the corner of bush and larkin. there is surveillance video available but because of a tree blocking the view you can't see anything. >> this is a tragedy because people don't know what it's worth and yet they have to wreck other people's things just to get at it. >> reporter: while they know the chances of getting their costumes back are slim they have this message to whoever did this >> don't do that again. just lucky i didn't catch them. because i would have used a sword on them. >> reporter: in san francisco, dion lin, abc7 news. >> the troop has performances in seattle, houston, and las vegas. if you would like to help them, go to their facebook page. we have a link to it on our
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website, an injured turtle found behind the redwood city target store is recovering a the humane city. it has a three inch crack in her shell and may have been hit by a car. shell injuries are often fatal. officials say she is a western pond turtle, which are native to the bay area and she was probably not a pet. a dutch designer has come up with what he calls a smog vacuum cleaner. it is a 23-foot tall air purifier that sucks in smog from the top, then released filtered air through vents. the creator says it can clean 30,000 cubic meters of air every hour. the carbon particles collected in the cleaning process can be condensed to make gemstones for jewelry testimony tower has been on display around the world and will eventually come to los angeles. happening today, thousands of people who are pro life will hold a rally in san francisco.
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they will gather at the civic center at 12:30. then march down market street to embarcadero plaza. this is video's from last year's walk for life west coast event. pro-lifers from across the country attend the rally in san francisco. they will also protest planned parenthood. they believe abortion hurts women physically and emotionally. rally for reproductive rights will meet this morning and march to fifth and market at 1:00. the prochoice and pro-life rallies come on the heels of the anniversary of roe versus wade, the supreme court decision that legalized abortion back on january 22an, 1973. now an accuweather update from good morning i'm meteorologist frances dean lawson. we have a gorgeous day ahead. right now live doppler 7 and the satellite showing us partly cloudy conditions over the north bay. spreading south but we will see lots of sunshine this afternoon. here's a live look as we look
6:19 am
out from the east bay towards the bay bridge. san francisco in the background. there are some chilly numbers out there. san francisco is currently at 45 degrees. at sfo, no flight delays reported. clear skies above. in soeza, currently 43. napa, 41. novato, 39. and some low 40s in fairfield and in concord. here's another view. we are looking towards the pretty bay bridge right here from suit row to your. this afternoon it will be milder. the warmth ramps up tomorrow. in fact we have a dry pattern all through next week so you can put the embrumbrellas umbrellaua your car washed and it will last all week lon. this morning we could see raindrops up towards ukiah. but that's as far south as it will go. the clouds push back and high pressure will build.
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a clear even tonight. and tomorrow, clear start with plenty of sunshine. highs today up in the 50s and low 60s. san francisco, 58. san rafael, 57. oakland, 59 degrees. and look for some low 60s through fremont, san jose, morgan hill at 61. skruz, fur heading there, 62 this afternoon. and 58 in half moon bay. overnight tonight with those clear skies we will get chilly once again. we will see 30s and 40s. santa rosa and napa one of the cooler spots. 36 in santa rosa. san francisco, 46. san jose, 44 degrees. here's a look at the week ahead. this time we are looking in san jose. so the average high is 60. we will be just near that today. and we will warm it up tomorrow. a slight dip onnan mo. then check it out. by the end of the work week, near 70 degrees for the month of february. we will be well above average. we had a lot of rainfall for the month of january. well above average for the
6:21 am
month. in san francisco it's 144%. unfortunately for the season to date we are below normal, 60 to 70% for rainfall. and we could really use some snow. snowpack is only 29% statewide. we will be looking that. unfortunately we won't find it in this accuweather seven-day forcast. enjoy this afternoon. it is a chilly start this morning. milder tomorrow. a minor dip on monday. then check out how warm it gets. near 70 inland by tuesday. by the end of the work week we will see lots of mid to upper 60s. bright skies. lots of sunshine. you will need the sunglasses and sunscreen this week. >> speaking of the snow making machines are coming in handy this season. >> they will need it this whole week. just ahead, panic at the paris zoo.
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dozens of baboons on the loose and the warning you probably want wouldn't to
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>> president trump is back in washington after a quick overseas trip. he is facing tough questions over the news that he ordered the firing of special counsel robert mueller. we are live from the white house with the latest. plus more in the fallout of larry nassar who sexually abused star athletes. the entire u.s.a. gymnastics board agrees to step down. finally cdc numbers showing the flu season is getting worse. fatales is on the rise especially among children and baby boomers. we have life saving advice potentially. it's coming up on "gma." see you soon. you are probably used to seeing brawls break out on plaque friday. but what about a fight over nutella. check it out. we can't make this stuff up. a chaotic scene after a french supermarket discounted the popular spread by 70%.
6:26 am
in this video posted on line you can see consumers pushing and shoving. it was so bad that police had to step in. the paris zoo is closed as an map experts try toll wrang wrangle runaway baboons. 52 of them somehow got out of their enclosure this morning. human visitors were evacuated as officials announced the baboons are quote stronger than us. the staff was able to round up all but three baboons. none of them were her. the three are on zoo property and expected to return to the pack pretty soon. baboons tend to stick together. still to come on abc7 mornings. fuming marijuana growers find out why california is facing a lawsuit from those trying to cash in on prop signature 64. and if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. the man who didn't give up and
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>> announcer: good morning north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 mornings. >> it's great to have you with us. i'm chris nguyen. we are starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. >> good morning, everyone. you are waking up to partly cloudy conditions over the bay area but a lot of clear skies, especially in the south bay.
6:30 am
here's a shot from live doppler 7 with the satellite image. you see broken clouds over parts of the bay and forth bay. temperatures right now in the 30s and 40s. cooler in half moon bay, and oakland only in the 30s. lass gatos, 36. san jose 41. and san francisco at 45. sun rise at 7:17. cool around the north in the 30s. low 60s around the bay and inland areas. sun sets at 5:28. a clear even. we will have another cool night overnight. and then a big warmup. i'll have those details coming up. chris? >> frances, thank you. now to breaking news in afghanistan, where a suicide car bombing has killed 95 people and injured at least 58 others. the explosion went off this morning in the capital, kabul. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.
6:31 am
afghan officials say the attacker used an ambulance to get oou through a security checkpoint telling officers he was transporting a patient to a nearby hospital. president trump is back in the united states this morning after returning from davos switzerland. s facing serious questions about reports that he stut fire robert mueller last june. the president is denying the claim, however multiple news outlets have confirmed the president wanted mueller out. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan carls that story. >> reporter: appearing before a gathering in davos switzerland of some of the world's richest and most powerful, the president took credit for an american comeback. >> america is open for business. and we are competitive once again. >> reporter: but his message was overshadowed by news back home, a report first in the "new york times" that last summer he had sought to fire special counsel robert mueller. >> mr. president, did you seek
6:32 am
to fire mueller. >> did you want to fire robert mueller? >> fake news, folks. >> what's your message. >> typical "new york times" fake stories. >> reporter: a presidential denial but the story confirmed by abc news that the president sought to have mueller dismissed in june, just one month after he was appointed to the job. so why didn't it happen? according to the times, white house counsel don mcgahn refused to ask the justice department to carry out the president's wishes, even threatening to quit him. the president's desire to push mueller aside wasn't exactly a secret. at the time, chris rudy arc longtime friend of the president's, went public, warning him not to do it. >> i think he's considering perhaps terminating the special counsel. i think he's weighing that option. i personally think it would be a very significant mistake. >> reporter: a couple months later, trump denied even thinking about firing mueller. >> i haven't given it any thought. >> reporter: and some of the
6:33 am
president's top aides denied it too. >> he has not discussed firing bob mueller. >> reporter: the "new york times" reports trump even had come up with a rationale for firing mueller, a list of three alleged conflicts of interest including the fact that mueller had come to the white house the day before he was named special counsel to talk to the pre about returning to his old job of fbi director. over the summer, the president fumed about that in an interview. >> mueller wanted the job. i said what the hell is this all about? talk about conflicts. but he was interviewing for the job. >> reporter: at the white house, the president's lawyers remain mum, leaving it to the president alone to deny the story. but the "new york times" reports there's one person who has known about it for months. robert mueller himself. jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. back in august, lawmakers introduced legislation to limit the president's power to remove a special counsel. democrats are renewing calls for congress to consider those bills. time now is 6:33.
6:34 am
happening today, representative jackie spehr is looking to hear from you at a town hall meeting. people can share their thoughts about the state of the country one year after president trump took office. today's meeting begin at 10:00a at ingrig b. lacy middle school in pacifica. it's part of a series of town hall meetings being hosted by spehr in the bay area. a group of cannabis growers is suing the state over large scale pot farms. the california growers association filed lawsuit this week. it claims they are in violation of proposition 64 which calls for grow sites no larger than one acre. but new measures adopted by the department of food and agriculture let owners apply for multiple one-acre licenses. >> if the mark place is saturated and every shelf is fu full, it's going to be much harder for the businesses to get established and break into the market after the fact.
6:35 am
>> california's new legalized cannabis market opened up on january 1st. legislative analysts say it will add nearly 1 birthday to the state's tax refuse the >> finally, my number came up. there is a lot of excitement in the space world because the heavy is the most powerful rocket since the space shuttles. it will blast off with the equivalent of 18 boeing 737s. the only payload will be a midnight cherry red tesla roadster that will be sent into deep space orbit. you heard the phrase if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. jose hernandez not only took that to heart.
6:36 am
he took those words with him into space. the former astronaut and son of immigrant farm workers talked to students at concord high about his journey through education. andly ann melendez was there. >> finally, my number came up. >> reporter: jose hernandez has always described himself as the first migrant farm worker to go into space. in august 2009 he went on a 14-day mission to the international space station. he was a flight engineer. >> i want to be an astronaut. >> reporter: those words surprised his father who at the time knew only about life as a poor farm worker in stockton. but soon words of encouragement followed. >> define what you want to be in life, recognize how far you are from that goal. draw yourself a road map so you know how to get there. education. no substitute for a good education. work hard. >> reporter: he applied to nasa and was rejected 11 times. when he finally got in, he added perseverance as another so-called recipe for success. students at concord high found
6:37 am
his message to be inspiring. >> him talking about his parents education, because i come from a family of high school dropouts and such. but i'm -- i'm intending on going to college. >> it is a not just getting the bare minimum. it's trying to find out what further you can do to actually better it. >> reporter: to the d.r.e.a.m.ers who are stuck in the midst of a heated debate over immigration reform, hernandez reminded them to deliver more than what people expect of them. >> focus on yourself. keep -- stay in school. get yourself that education. get yourself prepared. because when that political pendulum swings the other way, you have got to be prepared to take advantage of it. >> reporter: that's how this son of immigrant farm workers ended up harvesting stars instead. in concord, leann melendez, abc7 news. still ahead on abc7 mornings, it's dancing with
6:38 am
drones, ipads, and all sorts of other technology. we'll show you the high-tech production coming to san jose for one night only. but first, here's a live look outside from our abc7 roof camera. it's shaping up to be a beautiful weekend throughout the bay area. fran
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6:40 am
. welcome back, everyone. a live look at voez this shaath
6:41 am
morning. might be a nice day to head down to the coast. we will get a check on the forecast coming up. the girl scout cookie countdown is on. cookie as arrived fast and fewer use at the marin food bank yesterday. they shared this video of 13,000 cases now waitinger to scouts to pick them up this weekend so they can start selling. the food bank partnered with the girl scouts for more than 20 years to provide space for the cookies. 70% of the sales stays in the bay area to support local girl scouts. frances lawson joins us. i doesn't feel like winter. >> it is going to be a warm and sunny afternoon. it is a chilly start. check out the beautiful view from mount tam. sun rise at 7:17. i'll let you no how warm it's going to be coming up. the warriors are getting ready tonight for a possible preview of the nba finals as kyrie irving
6:42 am
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thank you for joining us this weekend. here's a live look outside from our abc7 roof camera. the sun getting ready to rise. frances willet us know how warm it will get today in our accuweather forecast. in sports, spoiler alert. if you recorded the australian open women's championship. the top two ranked women in the world squared off in melbourne. top seed simona halep versus
6:45 am
second seed caroline wozniacki each bidding to win their first grand slam title. woeniacy won 7-6, he will be the world number one when the rankings come out on monday. tonight the warriors host the celtics. abc7 sports director larry beil has a preview in this morning's sports report. >> it's being billed as a possible nba finals preview. warriors best record in the league. celtics best record in the east. they meet tonight. oracle arena you can watch here 5:30 p.m. here on abc7. they met in boston in november. warriors blew a 17-point lead and lost 92-88. irving fueled the bs comeback ending a golden state seven game win streak. now a rematch. >> the way they play, the way
6:46 am
they pass, the way they move on offense. their defense intensity has been top level for the whole season. >> they have got a really good roster and kyrie is spectacular. you know, we know him awfully well from a different uniform. >> rockets in new orleans. fear the beard. houston down 20. they roar all the way back. trevor ariza, excuse me, taking my time. that ties it at 109. 1:15 to go. pelicans take advantage of a drew holiday miss. the exking, demarcus cousins and one. here's where things go wrong. beingy misses the ensuing free throw. hustles in for the rebound, and tears his left achille's tendon right there. season over for boogie country cousins. free agent to be. that could be a $175 million injury. the pels win but really end up losing. women's college hoops,
6:47 am
terra vandever, stanford hosting. stan today won, 74-50. the cal women win big over arizona, 63-39. round two for tiger woods at tory pies, back after a year layoff because of an injury. not happy. struggled early. frustrated. at one point was three shots away from making the cut. rallies on the back nine. look at this long birdie right here. that dropped. trust me. woods rallies and birdies his final hole. shoots 71 to finish 1 under. right on the cut line. he will play this weekend but he is ten strokes off the lead. x games aspen. check out brett turcotte on the snow mobile. this is free style. do any trick that you want and live to talk about it. turcotte wins his second gold medal in aspen. levi novalley, upside down. fancy.
6:48 am
this is how i would do it if i entered. joe parsons that's my man. spins around. and the finish is backwards! high degree of difficulty. oh, he stuck the landing right there. and he didn't win. that's a wrap on morning sports. join us for warriors and celtics, 5:30 right here. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. and the warriors and celtics game is followed by toyota after the game with larry beil, mike shumann with player interviews from oracle arena, and warriors ambassador don afoil. now an accuweather update. >> we have a nice weekend in store. here's live doppler 7 and the satellite image. cloud over the bay and north bay right now.
6:49 am
lots of sunshine lighter on. look at the view looking out towards the bay bridge. sun coming up shortly. temperatures on the cool side. 40s and 30s. san francisco 45, oakland, 39. gilroy, 36 degrees. half moon bay 39 degrees. we will take to you santa cruz. the waters are calm and it will be a pleasant day there with plenty of sunshine. santa rosa, napa, novato in the low 40s, including concord. and livermore at 40 right now. walnut creek, clear skies, some clouds out there. and some orange sky heading our way. we will see partly cloudy conditions this morning. it's also a bit of a chilly start. then milder afternoons start today and continue through this weekend. we have a dry pattern through next week. so you can put the umbrellas away. you can get your car washed. it's going to be a good time to do that. here's the forecast animation. we could see light showers moving in as far south as ukiah.
6:50 am
it's not going to get to butch of the bay area because high pressure will build. this will push the storm track to the north. and that's going to allow things to warm up. if you are heading to the oakland a's fan fest today at jack london square it's going to be 42 at 8:00. but by 10:00 to noon to 2:00 it will be in the 50s. we will get close to average by later this afternoon. and here a look at the highs today all around the bay area. in san francisco, 58. oakland, 59. and we'll see some low 60s through parts of the south bay. they will get more sunshine early on. santa cruz, 62. and look ar those high clouds to stick around through parts of the afternoon in the bargt bay. lake pofart 55 degrees. 40s and the 30s overnight. cooler in the valleys like santa rosa and napa.
6:51 am
milder around the bay n the low to mid 40s. san jose 44 degrees when you wake up tomorrow, mo. you will need a jacket if you are doing anything outdoors. a look at the week ahead. for example, in santa rosa, we are near average today. well above average tomorrow by about ten degrees. and we will stay that way almost throughout the week. i hope you like the warmup because it's here to say with the accuweather seven-day forcast. low 60s today. just the chilly start we are dealing with right now. tomorrow temps coming up. we'll be above average. a minor dealership on monday. look at that, near 70 inland on tuesday. and then lots of warmth for the beginning of february. even near 70 again towards the end of the work week. so get the sun glasses and sunscreen out. >> if you are a fan of the sun you can't complain about that forecast. >> it will be nice for anything outdoors this week. >> sound good. frances, thank you. time now is 6:51. this isn't your typical dance
6:52 am
troup eff they have been on tv talent competitions and performed at the olympics. tonight they are coming to san jose. we have a look at the group that's shining a spotlight on technology. >> reporter: the internet is abuzz about 11 play, the dance troupe that performs this number with 24 drones. >> it didn't stand out like a gimmick it. it was a convergence of art overlaying with technology. >> reporter: and drones are just the beginning. 11 play performs with i-pads and other connected things. >> it's funny you say things. that's actually the title of the program. they are using things in their dance. they are using lasers. they are using drones. they are using three dimensional objects. >> reporter: all to have an artistic conversation about what those things mean to news we have human reactions to objects, whether it is our i-phones our our computers. we have these personal attachments. >> reporter: san jose will be the first stop on 11 play's first ever u.s. tour. when they arrive they will be bringing a lot of luggage. these light up cubes are among the many things that come with the dancers from tokyo along
6:53 am
with a full staff to operate them. >> there is 12 people on tour and there is five people on stage. it sakes video grapher, sound engineers. >> reporter: the hammer theater began the process a year ago to make 11 play the first piece of its new art tech series. >> the different groups that we are presenting in the series melded the technology with their story story telling. >> reporter: 11 play has performed in augustmented reality, dancers side by side with their own digital avatars. it comes from rhythm mettics, it weaves the digital into the analogue of dance. >> months and months and months of preparation for one night. that's the magic of theater. >> reporter: in san jose, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. next, baseball season is coming. what's on tap for the oakland a's fan
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
here are the winning numbers from the mega millions drawing. 10, 16, 27, 38, 43, the mega number, 1. nobody picked all six so tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $89 million. happening today, fans of the oakland a's can get an autograph and a photo with their favorite players. the a's fan fest will be from 10 to 2 today in jack london square. you will have a chance to meet
6:57 am
a's players coaches and alumni. get to know the team during a question-and-answer session on the ferry lawn and get your merchandise and photographs signed. the a's unveiled a kelly green jersey that will be worn during every friday home game in 2018. it serves as a nod to the teal's rich history. kelly green became a color of the teams's in 1961. fans are encouraged to wear green every friday. these jerseying will be available to buy at fan fest later today. >> now a final weather check with frances. >> temperatures will be in the upper 50s by this afternoon in oakland. san francisco 58. lots of sunshine, and warmer. for they are south in san jose, 61. santa cruz, 62 degrees. check out the accuweather seven-day forcast. we are really going to warm up starting tomorrow as well. well above average. near 70 degrees inland by
6:58 am
tuesday. lots of sunshine and dry all week. >> looking forward to that frances. thank you. and thanks to you for joining us on abc7 mornings. i'm chris nguyen alongside frances dean lawson. the news continues on facebook, twitter, and instagram. "good morning america" is next and we will be back with another full hour of news at 8:00 a.m. see you then.
6:59 am
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good morning, america. this morning, president trump back home and facing hard questions about seeking to fire robert mueller. who reportedly stood in the way and how congress may now step in to protect the special counsel. plus, why the president was booed in davos. support for the survivors. the rally at michigan state university calling for change. [ chanting "no more silence" ] following the sentencing of disgraced olympic doctor larry nassar. the school taking action and the u.s. gymnastics board resigning. >> they enabled this monster, they took his side over us for so long. faces of the flu. the virus claiming more lives. more than three do


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